Health and safety work are to cover systematic analysis, surveys and risk assessments as well as measures and follow-up. The work must as far as possible be handled consistently throughout the Group with Group-wide rules. The work is to be run preventively, as well as operational, together with the employees and their representatives in all areas with focus on risks and safe behaviours. Particular attention must be paid to health and safety in the event of changes.

Holmen is to make demands on and run follow-ups regarding suppliers, requiring them to comply with the local work environment rules.

Holmen’s production units must be certified under ISO 45001 and Holmen is to continuously improve management systems for health and safety.


Holmen is to create a safe workplace. Safety equipment shall always be in place. For all activities involving health and safety work there shall be procedures describing what to do, how to do it, when to do it and who to execute it. Accidents, incidents, and risk observations must be reported, analysed and result in remedial action. Holmen’s objective is that no accidents in the workplace shall occur.

Holmen is to identify risks in possible situations regarding  fire, chemicals spills, machinery stoppages and power cuts and for these situations establish evacuation and action plans to minimise the risk of injury.

Holmen’s employees shall not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the workplace. This implies also that employees shall be free from side-effects of alcohol- or drug influence on time intended for work. Drugs refer to substances classified as narcotics, including illegal drugs and pharmaceuticals for other than medical use. Every manager has a right and an obligation to dismiss from the workplace in orderly form employees who are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Alcohol and drug tests can be conducted on employees as well as external personnel who perform services at Holmen's workplaces. For information on exceptions regarding work-related events, see HR Policy.


The psychological and social work environment is as important as the physical work environment. Holmen is to emphasise good leadership and attentiveness regarding these issues. The work environment must be adapted to the varying circumstances of employees as far as reasonably practicable. The importance of participation and influence for employees regarding their work must be emphasised, including clear information on duties, expectations, responsibilities, and scope for action.

Procedures for surveying risk of ill-health, bullying and harassment must be in place for all operations. Discrimination, offensive treatment, harassment, abuse and threats are not accepted in Holmen. Employees must be able to feel comfortable, safe and respected in their workplace.

Holmen is to work preventively to reduce the need for sick leave and rehabilitation. Employees that are, however, injured in an accident or fall ill are to be given work-related rehabilitation with the aim of returning to work as soon as possible. When handling information regarding work adaptation and rehabilitation, rules on confidentiality must be followed, which means that information about an individual's personal circumstances is to be treated as confidential information.


CEO bears overarching responsibility for work environment issues and this is to be delegated, in one or more steps. Delegation and further delegation are to be set out in writing.

Holmen’s employees shall contribute to their own and their colleagues’ healthy and safe work environment by acting safely and following the instructions and procedures in place, and for reporting risks and incidents that occur. Each employee is expected, if applicable, to participate in suggested rehabilitation.