Misty forest

About Holmen

With a history stretching back 400 years, Holmen has a long tradition of managing and refining natural resources. The foundation of Holmen’s operations has always been the same – making the most of nature’s assets and processing them to attain the greatest possible value.

Business concept, strategy and targets

Our business concept

Our business concept is to own and add value to the forest. Holmen’s forest holdings form the basis of our business – an ecocycle in which the raw material grows and is refined into everything from wood for climate-smart building to renewable packaging, magazines and books.

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The history of Holmen

400 years of creating value

From muskets, pistols and armour via brass and textiles to paper, paperboard and wood products – a great deal has happened since Duke Johan of Östergötland established what was to eventually become Holmen in Norrköping in 1609.


Holmen's history

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