Keys to leadership 

Management and leadership are two sides of the same coin. As a manager, you have the responsibility and the authority to run your part of the business. As a leader at Holmen, you are responsible for inspiring and developing your team and fostering trust and good communication between its members. Leadership and employeeship are both founded in our core values – courage, commitment and responsibility. Here are five keys to success:


1.     Delegate to the right level

Delegation and regular follow-up are important parts of our leadership philosophy. Successful problem-solving often comes down to delegating to the right level. Often the person working closest to the problem is the one who has the solution. A good leader has the ability to see the bigger picture and knows that a new employee needs more guidance and time before they can take responsibility.


2.     Keep the dialogue alive

Communicate, listen and coach. Your commitment breeds commitment in others. Make targets clear and explain to your team how they are contributing to the bigger picture and work actively on follow-up.


3.     Be transparent and open

Be generous in sharing your knowledge and transparent about the information you can share. Encourage your team to share what they know, work together and help each other out, including across function and department boundaries.


4.     Build your team

Forget your own ego and highlight the achievements of your employees. Motivate, inspire and celebrate your team’s successes together. Work actively on feedback and team contracts.


5.     Have the courage to act as a manager when something is not working

Every organisation will run into problems at some point. When something isn’t working, even the best leader needs to clearly step up and get managerial. The secret lies in having the ability to judge when such a move is justified.  


Leadership development

We want you to develop and flourish – today and tomorrow. The leadership programme is offered to new and more experienced leaders. We also have development programmes for employees who are leaders without formally holding a management post. Our programmes furnish you with insights, skills and tools, not to mention a valuable network of other leaders at Holmen.

Our employee and leadership surveys are important tools in ensuring that the organisation is moving in the right direction.