Who am I? 

I was born and raised in Hudiksvall, where I live with my husband Niklas and my twin sons Alfred and Lukas, who are 19.  In my spare time, I like to socialise with friends and to travel, in particular to Fuengirola in Spain, as we lived there in 2014/2015. I also like networking and am a member of Tangent Sweden, which is an international network for women who work a lot with charity.

Originally a mechanical engineer, I have 20 years of experience from Ericsson AB and now almost 10 years from Holmen. I have had many different positions in my career, and am now Plant Manager for Finishing and Terminal in Iggesund. 

The Terminal 

My workplace

I work in the Finishing, Planning and Terminal department, which is part of the Holmen Iggesund Supply Chain. Our department carries out production planning, finishing and packing of our paperboard. We have five sheeting machines, including an embossing machine. Two rewinding machines, one for trimming reels, one sheet pack, one ream pack, one reel pack, a test room and finally a terminal where everything is loaded for transport to the customer. 

Managing our plant is the task of our section. In addition to me, there are two production engineers, a production technician and we also have a gap year employee this year. We work in close co-operation with maintenance both on a day-to-day basis and in a longer-term perspective. 

We are responsible for:

  • The plant’s operational reliability  
  • Investing, reinvesting and maintaining the plant
  • Supporting operations and other parts of the company in the event of problems and technical issues 


A working day

A typical day at work could look like this: 

07.00 I arrive at the office 
07.00-08.30 I analyse what has happened in the last 24 hours in 10 views in ProTAK and from IFS 
08.30-08.45 I participate in the daily meeting at finishing. This is where we deal with anything that is hindering us right now and create an action plan for going forwards, together with the responsible parties. 
08.45-09.00 After the meeting, we have a coffee break with maintenance 
09.00-10.00 On Wednesdays, we have an improvement meeting together with maintenance. There we look at last week’s disruptions and current emergency work orders, and jointly draw up an action plan going forwards, e.g. if a root cause analysis needs to be started. 
10.00-10.30 Usually a moment to myself to get through a few tasks 
10.30-11.30 Lunch, although I think we have it a bit too early 😊 
13.00-13.30 On Mondays and Wednesdays, we have stop planning meetings, as we usually have planned stops every Tuesday and Thursday 
13.30-13.45 We have a coffee break with maintenance 
14.00-15.00 Twice a month we have a technical meeting, where together with maintenance we work on our plant needs list 
15.00-17.00 We don't have regular meetings and there is room for our own work.


Why Holmen?

I thrive in large companies and was keen to work at Iggesund, which is one of the largest employers around Hudiksvall. I am a third-generation mill worker, following in the footsteps of my mother and my grandfather. In a large organisation there are lots of opportunities, and challenges. In my experience, various positions tend to emerge as the company gets to know you and you get to know the company. I am now in my fourth position here.  

Just as I like to network in my private life, I also like to have lots of people around me at work and I believe that it is when we work together that we achieve the best results.  

What I appreciate most about working here is the sense of community, the humble approach and the fact that we enjoy ourselves. We are part of a bigger context, we help each other, involve each other and solve problems every day. 



Thank you so much for reading. I would like to conclude by emphasising what I think is most important at work, which is having a good time. This helps everything become easier, makes us more creative, gives us extra energy and helps us do a better job. Lifting the spirits and performance of others gives me a great feeling. 

Thank you for taking a look at my blog post. 
Take care! 

My favorite picture!