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"Great colleagues, challenging tasks and the opportunity to help create a more sustainable planet". Grow with us!

Three Holmen employees in a winter forest

Work at Holmen

Join Holmen and you get to work with a raw material that has existed since the dawn of time – wood. All of us who work here are firmly, hugely and genuinely committed to what we do. When asked to describe what working here is like, lots of us will say “wonderful colleagues and challenging tasks in an environment that encourages us to develop and grow”. As a colleague, you get every opportunity to steer your own work and your own personal development as we work together to improve the environment that we all share. Although we all come from different backgrounds, everyone who works here shares a desire to create a greener future.

We live our values

Our values – courage, commitment and responsibility – are deeply embedded in all of us who work here and are integral to our company culture. Combined with great openness and a down-to-earth approach, our values are the foundation of the strong community we have at Holmen. Together we drive development and work towards common goals – teamwork that enables us to deliver the high quality that both we and our customers expect.

A small big company

At Holmen you get the best of both worlds. The fleet-footedness of a small company and the ability of a large company to properly change things. On the ground, we have flat organisations with few decision-making hierarchies where it’s a short step from coming up with an idea to seeing it put into practice. At Holmen it’s easy to reach the right person, and good ideas are encouraged and welcome. At the same time, collaboration across the Group means that we have the power to implement large-scale change that really makes a difference. 

Grow with us

When you work at Holmen we entrust you with great responsibility. This means that you decide how to shape your work to reach the goals set and are able to steer your own development and that of Holmen as a whole. We want you to challenge us, suggest things that can be improved and bring us new ideas for how we can forge ahead together. We don’t just invest in developing our products and our production processes. We invest just as much in you and your colleagues. Together we’re creating the future.







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No matter what role we have within Holmen, we all work with renewable raw material and energy sources as a starting point. There is a great, strong and genuine commitment to our work. Because we believe in what we do.

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Here is Holmen

Here is Holmen

Our broad business offers good chances for a rich life, both on and off the job.  
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Facts about Holmen

  • Number of employees: (2019): 2 915
  • Business areas: Iggesund Paperboard, Holmen Paper, Holmen Timber, Holmen Skog and Holmen Energy
  • Sustainability work: Read more about how Holmen contributes to a sustainable future
  • Related policies: HR policy and Work environment policy