Development and opportunities

At Holmen we focus on innovation and development. This means that when you work here you have major opportunities to develop and grow with us. We know that when our employees grow, we grow as a company. Without skilled and committed employees, we would not be able to continue to launch exciting new products or improve our energy efficiency.

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We invest a lot in employee development. All Holmen’s business areas provide several training programmes each year to raise the skill levels of employees. This mainly involves increasing professional skills, but it can also be about creating the right conditions to equip our employees to take on new challenges. Skills development is also essential, given that we work with advanced technology that is developing rapidly.

To make the most of our employees’ potential, we deploy more tools than simply the training courses and development programmes – opportunities to take on new duties, get involved in projects or gain greater responsibilities are just some examples. We work actively to identify the potential development paths for our employees. 

Opportunities within Holmen

We want our employees to develop and build a career at Holmen. Employees who are keen to do so have excellent opportunities to try out different jobs within their own unit or by moving to another one. At Holmen we encourage and value internal mobility.

Broaden your skills or specialise

There are lots of development routes at Holmen and a career doesn’t necessarily have to follow a well-trodden path. For example, you could choose to specialise or to broaden your skills in an area that interests you. We offer plenty of different roles and you have the chance to try something new without changing company.

Leadership development

Good leadership is an important cog in our machinery. We make high demands of our managers, but we’ll also make sure you get the support you need in terms of development and tools. The leadership programme is offered whether you are a new or more experienced manager.



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No matter what role we have within Holmen, we all work with renewable raw material and energy sources as a starting point. There is a great, strong and genuine commitment to our work. Because we believe in what we do.

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Here is Holmen

Our broad business offers good chances for a rich life, both on and off the job.  
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Facts about Holmen

  • Number of employees: (2019): 2 915
  • Business areas: Iggesund Paperboard, Holmen Paper, Holmen Timber, Holmen Skog and Holmen Energy
  • Sustainability work: Read more about how Holmen contributes to a sustainable future
  • Related policies: HR policy and Work environment policy