Holmen Paper cooperates with various projects and organisations. Some of the cooperations are easily noticed, like the Holmen logo on IFK Norrköping’s jerseys, while others are less visible. Many of the partnerships go back several decades, while others are quite recent.

Why are we doing this?

Why put a lot of energy and money on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sponsoring at all? Well, as a major player in the business and in society at large, we want to take our responsibility as an employer and as a brand. But it’s also important that our partners’ values are in line with our own.

There is a Holmen Group sponsoring policy which clearly defines what we sponsor and how we commit to this. In addition, for Holmen Paper we have specified three main themes to which all partnerships should concur; industry promoting activities, local brand exposure or community commitment.  

Industry promoting activities

By  industry promoting activities we refer to projects that are positive to the development of the paper industry, and not the least our focus segments; books, magazines and retail advertisement. It can also be about sustainability initiatives in the business, or contributions to education through different scholarships. The latter is exemplified by the initiative by the Swedish reading movement called Läslov, an important CSR project supported by Holmen Paper, that promotes children's language development and the industry as a whole.

Local brand exposure

When it comes to local brand exposure, we want to strengthen Holmen Paper as an employer, by showing that we are an attractive, well-established and responsible company. In this category we support specific sports events on both elite and amateur level, labour market initiatives (e.g. career days for students) as well as investments in cultural activities. An example close at hand is our long-standing commitment to a project called IGE (Introduce a Girl to Engineering), which introduces young women to engineering professions.

Community commitment

Community commitment is a theme that can seem overwhelming and hard to grasp. Our efforts in this category are based on the notion that we as a major player in society also have a responsibility for its development. Therefore we participate in projects that focus on integration, diversity, youth support and accessibility, such as Jobbsprånget and Breakfasts without borders.

Altogether, we hope that our CSR initiatives and selected partnerships will convey Holmen Paper as a responsible company and brand, with long-term and sustainable commitment.