The classic motor club Rospiggarna Speedway and Hallstavik paper mill have developed together over the years. They thrive in the mutual partnership, appreciate each other's activities and not least, they are both extremely important to the Hallstavik community.

Rospiggarna has had a lot of success since the start in 1930. With several Swedish Championship gold medals and with well-known drivers such as Greg Hancock, Andreas Jonsson and Ryan Sullivan, Rospiggarna is one of the most merited speedway clubs in Sweden. In recent seasons, the club has raised both its competition results and important questions about values. The club works hard for increased equality and inclusion and to take greater social responsibility in various ways.

Holmen Paper and Rospiggarna are both important players in Hallstavik. With a clear collaboration and joint commitment, they work together in different ways to do good for the area. Elite sports are fun and exciting, but as partners they invest at least as much in the local children and youth activities. To preserve the local pride in Roslagen and to drive together, for at least another 100 years.