Interest in running and general health is constantly on the rise and we run and work out like never before. Once a year we do it – in thousands along the city streets – during the Norrköping city race.

On a warm and sunny Wednesday evening in August, some 2,000 participants ran either a five- or ten-kilometre course through the city streets of Norrköping. Participants included both elite runners and everyday athletes. This year's edition offered record participation, both for the race as such and for Holmen as a company.

One of Norrköping's largest employers

The first start for the city race was in 2012. Over the years, it has become a respected competition that attracts both national and international elite. But the race is basically about getting people moving and having fun at the same time. Holmen Paper is the biggest partner and all employees, with families, are offered to participate in the city race for free.

To encourage as many people as possible to train, run or just be a part of the local festivities is important for Holmen Paper, being one of Norrköping’s largest employers. All the different business areas were represented in "Team Holmen" and the biggest participation came from Braviken's paper mill. Many people were also out cheering the participants.

Local community development

The organizer Tjalve Friidrott also has a large childrens’ and youth activity that depends on the attention and income of the city run. The association has 430 members, of which about 200 are athletic children and young people who can jump, run and train more, thanks to everyone who contributes to the race’s success.

Supporting events like Norrköping city race is a way for us to contribute to our local community. This goes hand in hand with the objectives we set up and measure, for long-term development and mutual ambassadorships. It's about health and the joy of exercise for all our co-workers, but it's also about the future. Within the framework of Holmen Paper's sponsoring partnerships 2,500 sports and youth leaders have been trained - and what could be a better warrant for further development?

Norrköping city run goal area