Holmen Paper has a long tradition of supporting regional football, not least through the many years of collaboration with the Swedish elite football club IFK Norrköping. But no elite investment will take off without solid development work at the grassroots level, and it is rather there, in the regional football fields, that Holmen's efforts really make a difference.

ÖFF's training philosophy is based on research and experience regarding what children and young people need. Taking into account that all children have different physical and mental prerequisites for the sport.  The challenge is to get as many people as possible to participate in the courses that are offered on a regular basis. Holmen Paper is proud to help increase the number of educated coaches and players.

The relationship with ÖFF has grown stronger over the years. Today, Holmen Paper is a "Development Partner", with specific responsibility for educational matters, for both players and coaches. The football culture is strong, not least in Norrköping. The sport is broad and popular and ÖFF gathers and unites. It's all about social responsibility, about genuine commitment, and about regional football joy. And not least, about a collaboration that is characterized by mutual pride.