Needs analysis and requirements profile

For Holmen, the recruitment process always begins with a needs analysis. We naturally look at the current situation, but it’s just as important to look further ahead. How do we expect the business to develop? What opportunities are there for the person we employee moving forward? We also look at the composition of the team to ensure we have a good mix and a department that works.

This analysis results in a requirements profile that forms the basis for the recruitment. The requirements profile outlines what we want and expect in terms of skills, experience and personal qualities.

Advertising internally and externally

We think it’s just as important that Holmen is right for you as it is that you’re right for Holmen. We therefore aim to give as clear and honest a picture as possible of the role, the team and of us as a company.

It’s important for us to make the most of our employees’ competence and drive to develop. If we come to the conclusion that the talent is available within the Group, we will often advertise a job vacancy internally before we go public.

In the majority of cases, we conduct our recruitment processes ourselves, but sometimes we also use recruitment agencies.


The job ads clearly explain how you go about submitting your application. In the majority of cases, the application is submitted via our application form at This form is quick to complete and makes it clear what information is required. If you have any questions about the job or the company, you’ll find contact details for the recruiting manager and/or HR officer in the ad.

You’ll find all our current job vacancies here!

Selection, interviews and tests

The recruiting manager or HR officer goes through the applications that have come in and draws up an initial shortlist. If your skills and experience match the requirements profile, you may be called in for an interview. The purpose of this step is to get to know each other and to give us a clearer picture of how your background, your knowledge and soft skills corresponds to what we are looking for in relation to the relevant position. It’s also a chance for you to get a better picture of the role you’re applying for and of the company in general. There are usually several rounds of interviews.

In some recruitment processes, the interview is accompanied by tests.


We always take up the references of our final candidates.

Offer of employment

When making our final decision, we look at the overall picture we’ve obtained through the application, interviews, references and any test results. We also look at values and motivators, to evaluate how well these fit in with the company and the specific team in question. If you are our final candidate, we offer you a job with us. And if Holmen is right for you, we welcome you as a new colleague.