Linghem Sawmill is a dedicated small log sawmill with an integrated planing mill, producing sawn and planed wood products for joinery and construction purposes. It is located just 40 kilometres from Braviken Sawmill and Braviken Paper Mill.

Reliable supply of raw material

Linghem Sawmill produces short logs, i.e. 3 metre lengths, a range that is not produced at Braviken Sawmill. This makes Linghem an excellent complement to Braviken Sawmill’s products, helping to safeguard our market position particularly in Sweden and the UK. The situation on the raw material side will be looking up as well, with the opportunity to make the most of a larger proportion of the raw material available in the area surrounding the two sawmills and the paper mill.

Well-invested plant

A new sawmill infeed and saw line were installed at the sawmill in 2015/2016. Timber sorting has been updated and expanded. The sawmill also has a drying plant, a planing mill and a trimming saw.

Facts about Linghem Sawmill

Operation started: 1950. Part of the Holmen Group since 28 April 2017.
Raw material: spruce and pine saw logs.
Process: sawmilling.
Products: construction and joinery wood products at a length of 3 metres.



Sawmill / Sågverk
Holmen Timber Linghem Holmen Timber
Phone: + 46 11 23 50 00
SE- 585 61 Linghem
Sweden / Sverige
Cay Olofsgård Holmen Timber
Mobile: +46 73 258 40 02
Department: Ledning Linghem
585 61 Linghem
Wood products “locks in"
carbon dioxide when used
Build/live with wood before
it will be used as bioenergy

Holmen AB, P.O. Box 5407, SE-114 84 Stockholm, Sweden. 

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