Martinsons has long been a well-established name, for decades strongly associated with great expertise and innovative development in sustainable wood construction. A new logo and a new visual identity make the link between Martinsons and Holmen clear.

“It’s important because it creates strong values, both for us and Martinsons but also for our respective customers and partners. Fundamentally, it’s about better reflecting how close our businesses actually are, where buildings built using Martinsons’ frames are clear, lasting evidence of the values that Holmen’s circular business creates,” says Ulrika Carlstein, Head of communications at Holmen Wood Products. 

Ulrika Carlstein, Head of communications  Holmen Wood Products

The impact of a harmonised look
One of the most important effects following Holmen’s acquisition of Martinsons is the creation of a complete value chain, all the way from seed and sustainable forestry to a fully assembled wood frame. Holmen’s position as one of Sweden’s biggest forest owners provides access to raw material that is sawn and turned into glulam and CLT building components in its own facilities. And on top of that, Martinsons adds expertise in everything from consultation and design to project management and assembly.

“Highlighting and making this whole value-creating chain clear is the main reason why we’ve developed our new visual identity. Martinsons will still have a look of its own but the colour scheme, typography and graphic elements naturally signal a close connection to Holmen,” says Marcus Bolander. 

​​​​​​​Marcus Bolander, Brand Manager Martinsons

The power goes both ways
‘Powered by Holmen’ is one of the slogans regularly used in Martinsons’ communication, and it is now part of the new logo. It is a way of describing the relationship between the two, with one of the success factors being the ability to build on each other’s strengths. Marcus Bolander again:

“It’s mostly to do with the power Martinsons gains from the security of a large, respected actor like Holmen. But in the segment in which Martinsons exists and operates, it also works in the opposite direction, where Holmen is fortified by the accrued knowledge and experience in wood construction that Martinsons represents. If we can successfully convey this shared strength that we offer in a visual way, we will be even better at creating value for ourselves and the world around us.”

When Holmen acquired Martinsons in summer 2020, the decision was made to keep the name ‘Martinsons Byggsystem’ for the wood construction business, while Martinsons’ sawmill, forest department and wood department were incorporated under the Holmen brand. The reason why the name ‘Martinsons’ was retained for the wood construction side was the strong position in Swedish wood construction that the company has built up over the years.