The jury's motivation for Holmen's award reads:

Holmen is an innovative and exciting employer with a strong focus on sustainability. With many development and career opportunities for students, young professionals and senior employees alike, there is a place here for everyone. There is a warm and pleasant company culture and the fact that Holmen values ​​its employees shines through in their communication. A very inspiring employer!


Gunilla Rolander, Senior Vice President HR at Holmen, sees the award as proof that we succeed in communicating what Holmen offers and our corporate culture in a way that reaches out.

- We obviously have the right communication strategy, well founded on the reality in Holmen. Our brand platform also helps us succeed in reaching out”, she says.

Holmen's strong corporate culture and development opportunities are something that the jury has taken note of.

- I am happy and proud that Holmen has been named a career company this year as well. Our employees are the best ambassadors and their competence and commitment shines through, for us it has been obvious to highlight them in our communication, says Jennie Söderholm HR specialist at Holmen Iggesund.

- That our employees should both thrive and develop are important issues for us and something we work on all the time, which makes it extra fun that this is also perceived externally. We have a delegated way of working and a corporate culture that lays a good foundation for both a very good workplace and a developing environment, says Samuel Karlsson, HR Partner at Holmen Paper.


About Karriärföretagen:

Karriärföretagen is a site targeting students and young professionals. They mediate job opportunities and highlight employers and rising talents through the Karriärföretagen and Career Scholarship awards. The Karriärföretagen award is given annually to employers who are considered to offer the best career and development opportunities. For the first time, Holmen has received the prestigious award. 

The list of Karriärföretag (Career Companies) 2023 was presented on November 15, 2022. (In Swedish)