Per-Åke Binett is an inspection engineer at Iggesund Mill:

“I look for the best solutions”

As an inspection engineer Per-Åke commutes between his desk and the factory floor. He does everything from risk analysis to checking cisterns and pipe systems.

“I’m in the maintenance department at the pulp mill, but am available for the whole mill. My role is partly to make sure we are following the rules and regulations that apply to pressurised equipment. I am also an expert in the area together with the company that carries out accredited inspections.

“I also carry out my own checks between inspections. Here I check, for example, whether a pipe system has been damaged. In the event of problems I make decisions on whether and when they need fixing.”

Per-Åke worked at Iggesund Mill between 1985 and 1995. This was followed by a period elsewhere before he returned in 2009 to start work as an inspection engineer at Iggesund.

“This is a new post. I used to work for the company that runs the inspections. But it’s a good thing to have that expertise on site at Iggesund Mill. It results in better control and greater opportunities for us to be more efficient, in terms of the scope and the cost of inspections. It is also easier to evaluate the work when the expertise is available in-house. It’s great to have been here developing this role right from the start. It feels like a challenge.” 

What is Holmen like as an employer?

“There are excellent opportunities to develop within the company. Holmen is a secure employer with good employee benefits. There are foundations and funds you can apply for for your children, for example. We also have wonderful holiday cottages in the mountains and on the west coast, which I have used on several occasions.”

What is the best thing about your job?

“I like finding the optimum solution to different problems, from a technical as well as a cost-efficiency perspective. It’s also fun when no two days are the same. I do everything from risk analysis, checking flow charts and investigations to really getting dirty with the machinery.”



Age: 47. Family: Two school-age children. Leisure interests: Spending time with my children. Playing a bit of golf and being out at sea in my motorboat. What does the forest mean to you: A unique place that we have free access to and must look after.

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