If it is interesting for you to carry out your degreee project in Holmen, please click on each name below.   

Degree projects at Iggesund Mill:

Contact person: Eva Hedberg

Phone: +46 650 28427


Degree projects at  Holmen Timber:

Contact person:Tina Thenor

Phone: +46 650-28075 


Degree projects at Holmen Skog:

Contact person: Ewa Faglöv

Phone: +46 660-377447


Degree projects at Hallsta Pappersbruk:

Contact person: Håkan Lundén

Phone: +46 175-26170


Degree projects at Bravikens Pappersbruk:

Contact person: Pia Andersson

Phone: +46 11-236516


Degree projects at Holmen Paper HK:

Contact person: Lena Grafsund

Phone: +46 11-236336


Welcome with your application!

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Tel: +46 8 666 21 00  E-mail: info@holmen.com


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