Holmen Paper's mills, Braviken and Hallsta, have both been awarded the platinum rating for their sustainability work by EcoVadis in 2020. Platinum is only given to the top 1 % of the assessed 60,000 companies from all over the world.

EcoVadis is an independent analysis company that measures and evaluates the sustainability work of various companies. The areas included in the evaluation are environment, human rights and working conditions, business ethics, and the supply chain.

Holmen Paper in the top 1%

The EcoVadis overall score (0-100) reflects the quality of the company's sustainability management system at the time of the assessment.  As Holmen Paper's both mills scored above 73 points respectively, in 2020, they were both appointed the platinum medal. 

Up until year 2019, gold was the highest possible achievement. In 2020, a class above gold was added, to further reward and encourage the top performing companies. The criteria for scorecards published in 2020 are as follows: 

  • Platinum - top 1% (total score 73-100) 
  • Gold - top 5% (total score 66-72) 
  • Silver - top 25% (total score 54-65) 
  • Bronze - top 50% (total score 45-53) 

EcoVadis makes the assessments with the aim to provide a universal tool for measuring corporate responsibility and sustainability. The tool is a set of scores which are industry-independent and can be applied for all suppliers. 

The sustainability work of paper mills

EcoVadis covers key findings from their 2015-2019 assessments in their report 'Sustainability Risk and Performance Index: Insights from Global Supply Chain Ratings'.

Their key global scores show that the sustainability score is generally higher in European companies. Highly regulated sectors also seem to be more advanced in terms of sustainability. Companies within both heavy and light manufacturing, where there are many governmental regulations, have generally raised their standards - as well as their results - over the years. The report speaks about a step-change in demand and legislation from customers and governments to ensure there is real transparency. Pulp and paper industry is categorized as light manufacturing, a sector with a year-by-year increasing industry benchmark score.

Read more in the EcoVadis report.

Sustainability is a continuous strive

Being top ranked in sustainability is something that strengthens Holmen Paper's position in the market.

"The platinum medal is proof that our sustainability work lives up to the high demands of EcoVadis", says Elin Swedlund, Sustainability Manager at Holmen Group. "There are many different sustainability indexes, but a distinguishing factor for the EcoVadis assessment is that all dimensions of sustainability are covered. EcoVadis is also transparent towards both customers and suppliers."

Among other things, Holmen scores high for working with the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. 

"The conversion from fossil energy to electricity began already in the 1980's at our mills and the result is unique. Many customers are amazed by how climate smart our mills are", says Elin Swedlund. 

Holmen Paper also requests suppliers to be audited by EcoVadis.

"For the sake of credibility, it is important that we practise what we preach and try to create sustainability at all levels", Elin Svedlund concludes.