A never-ending story

Today, the world is exposed to different increasing threats. Of course our approach to dealing with threats and overcoming difficulties must be businesslike, But equally important is the approach to nature. We, as a user of nature itself, have a responsibility regarding how and for what we use it. This responsibility, and our approach to it, can be summarized as sustainability - a true core factor in our business.

Fresh fibers make a difference

We are a part of the Holmen Group, a major forest owner in Sweden, which means fresh fibers is particularly important to us. Fresh fibers are the base of both our business and our sustainability. It gives us the possibility to develop paper with unique properties that add value to our clients in their business. And they are able to save on paper, on transports and on environment.

Without fresh, no recycled

Our paper is made from fresh fibers that come from well-managed, continuously growing forests. We use small trees from the thinning process and wood chips from our saw mills to make paper pulp. The fresh fibers allow us to offer paper products to the market that are recyclable but also sustain the recycling chain since our papers constitute the source of recycled paper. The paper fiber can be recycled up to 5-7 times, so after their initial use our products become the raw material for recycled paper. To put it plainly, we supply Europe with recyclable papers.

Transparent reporting

Transparency is a key aspect of striving toward Sustainability. The Holmen group reports on sustainability since 2004. Currently at the GRI G4 Core level as an integrated part of the Holmen Group Annual Report.