Printing techniques

The printing of paper dates back to the mid-1400s, when Johann Gutenberg invented the first printing press in Mainz, Germany. In fact, “invented” is not the correct term, as the Chinese already had printing shops long before Gutenberg was even born. But he refined and simplified the printing process, making books and publications more accessible to people in general.

Print + digital

Today we cannot imagine a world without printed publications. They are everywhere, and more sophisticated techniques are developing, despite the digitalization process of communication channels and society at large. We simply need both printed and digital publications in our lives.

Being strong advocates of print, we would like to share some of our knowledge. So, welcome to our introduction to printing. 

We will take you through some useful terms and facts on printing. You will get to know different printing techniques, learn more about opportunities and challenges when printing, and find guidelines to help you choose paper for your publication.

If you need more specific information or a helping hand in choosing, please contact your Holmen Paper representative.