What is a custom print profile?

You might have heard of an ICC print profile, which is a print profile based on a standard set by the International Colour Consortium. The purpose of the print profile is to determine how colours are to be printed for a specific printer and paper. In doing so, the profile will transform an image from the colour space of the editing software to the colour space of the printer and paper, ensuring that the printed photos and colours match your originals. It’s usually a transfer from RGB to CMYK (learn more about colour management here).


Tools for a uniform result

The custom print profile, or ICC profile, is basically a file that is connected to a certain method of printing; a calibrated colour-ID. It is set based on type and colour mode of the printer, the total amount of colours that the printer can use (colour gamut), and paper type. By using the correct ICC profile, you as a printer will have the tools to perform an excellent printing result. You will experience minimised variations between your publications and get the maximum result from every print run.


Using print profiles in the right way is very important, but not always easy. If you have questions, we are more than willing to help you. Do not hesitate to contact our technical specialists.