This video shows what happens when you switch from a woodfree paper to Holmen BOOK. The book in the video is a real book, 468 pages, that was printed on 115 gsm woodfree paper. The insert weighs 1 098 grams. If it had been printed on a Holmen BOOK paper, it could have weighed 668 grams.

Think about the weight of the book, just above one kilo, when holding it in your hand. Then take 40 percent of the weight off, and imagine the difference. A lighter book is both more comfortable to read and easier to carry.

Now think about what it means on a larger scale:

  • Buying 40% less paper

  • Transporting 40% less weight

  • Reducing carbon emissions by 85%

Why switch from woodfree paper?

Reading a printed book increases concentration and enhances memory, according to research. You avoid the interruptions you get a screen, and learning becomes deeper. But the whole industry has been looking for a way to reduce climate impact, and in the early 2000’s many thought that going digital was the way to do it. Now the world has started to realize that digital publishing has an extensive environmental impact.

In the meantime, the paper industry has continued to transform. At Holmen, we started producing Holmen BOOK in 2002, and over the years it has grown into a product family that answers to many different needs on the market – with extremely low carbon footprint. By using a Holmen paper for your production, you can lower the carbon footprint of your books dramatically compared to using a woodfree paper. 

Holmen BOOK Fine paper 70 gsm sample books

What is Holmen BOOK?

Holmen BOOK is a fresh fibre based, mechanical book paper produced at Braviken and Hallsta paper mills in Sweden. It has become a market favourite over the last 20 years, thanks to the even product quality and wide range of shades and surfaces.

Papers can be compared on so many different levels. A paper’s weight per square metre doesn’t say anything about the thickness, opacity, or reading comfort of a page. We can show you the alternatives and help you to go lighter.