The little Norrköping boy, who was more or less born at sea in Arkösund, formulated his goal already in his early teens. He would be the best in the world. And laser sailor Kark is probably well on his way. With several championship medals already home, he is fully committed to the Olympics in Paris 2024. To succeed, he needs to live, eat and breathe sailing. Logistics and materials also need to work and Holmen Paper is here to support him.

With just over 250 travel days per year and countless training sessions per week, Wilhelm also tries to keep up with studying and having an as ordinary life as possible. This while working on a completely different side of the elite investment – building a personal brand that clearly conveys the values he stands for.

It’s in the values that Holmen Paper and Wilhelm Kark meet. The genuine and strong commitment to sustainability issues, the passion for nature and the careful use of water are some of the fundamental values Wilhelm shares with Holmen Paper.