Sami Hauta, Operator at Bravikens Paper Mill

Sami's journey within Holmen began with three summer jobs that led to a temporary job and finally a trainee position at Hallsta Paper Mill. After the trainee program Sami went to work on one of the paper machines. After a few years, Sami moved to Norrköping and started working on Braviken's Paper Mill, where he has worked on both paper machine 52 and 53.

"We are committed and competent at Braviken that makes me proud"

"My job is to run the machine as fast as possible while maintaining high quality. I help solve problems and brainstorm ideas with my colleagues," explains Sami, describing his role as an operator on Paper Machine 53. "That we are commitment and competent here at Braviken that makes me proud."

"The best thing is the satisfaction when fixing a problem"

"The best thing about troubleshooting and fixing things in time is the satisfaction you get after fixing a problem that would have caused a loss in production or inferior paper quality," says Sami.

"If you have the will and ambition, you have all the possibilities to develop"

Sami has achieved a lot during his time at Holmen, something he also appreciates with the company. "The best part of my job is the opportunities to develop. If you have the will and ambition, you have all the possibilities to develop," Sami concludes.