Peter Schlömer, Sawmill operator at Iggesund Sawmill

Peter got interested in Holmen as an employer early on. The interest was raised in the late 1990s when he was attending operator training program in Söderhamn. Some of his classmates did their internship at Holmen and he noticed how well they were cared for by the company. A seed was planted in him. When Iggesund's Sawmill was looking for new employees a number of years later, Peter took the chance and applied. Since then, he has worked at Iggesund's sawmill and is enjoying himself very well. As a Sawmill Operator, Peter is working on refining timber logs into planks and boards of high quality.

"Good result is something we achieve together"

For Peter, it's self-evident to work together to achieve success. "I'm proud of what I do, particularly when what I do contributes to good results. Good result is something we achieve together, when we are all committed to a common goal. That is why I am proud to work in Holmen. I contribute to the company being as good as we are."

"I bring Holmen with me when I´m off work too."

"Holmen is investing here," says Peter. "It feels great to be part of that. You feel that you want to do your best and be part of that process." It is clear that Peter feels a great commitment to his job. "I bring Holmen with me when I´m off work too. I am happy to talk about Holmen at home, with my friends and people I meet," he says.