Who am I?

I studied on the Communications, Transport and Society programme at Linköping University, specialising in logistics, and I got my job at Holmen straight after graduating. When I’m not working, there’s plenty of logistics to look after at home, with a focus on the family schedule of activities and mealtimes. My own favourite activity is getting out into the forest on a bike, for the simplicity of it and the wonders our countryside has to offer right on my doorstep.


My workplace

There are two of us who share responsibility for planning loading in the department, and we work with 15 forklift drivers who load the ships, trucks and containers with their cargo every day at the paper mill. The trucks head out to our customers for conversion into a magazine, a book or packaging – maybe what you’re holding right now? We currently have two paper machines producing various papers to meet customer demand, which are packed and transferred to the warehouse round the clock. Every day of the working week we have the loading bay open so that the trucks, containers and ships can be loaded up.


A working day

With the production and packaging lines bringing products in and the vehicles, ships and containers taking them out, we have a lot of contact with the forklift drivers. While some of this will have a preventive focus, there are many conversations every day to resolve loading issues that have arisen. It could be anything from ensuring that all the reels are in place, to finding a reel that has been separated from the rest somewhere in the warehouse.


Before a truck checks in, my colleague or I make sure that all the reels for the shipment are in stock. We also book transport with the forwarding agents that we have contracts with, as well as working out and planning how containers are to be loaded and in what order.


Why Holmen?

I’ve always seen Holmen as a company that manages and refines what the forest provides. And it’s through this management and refinement that we get alternatives with a lower climate footprint. What I didn’t know when I accepted a job in the logistics department at Braviken Paper Mill was that Holmen and its employees promote development on multiple fronts, of working methods, people and products. This wouldn’t be possible without a welcoming and open culture, where ideas and opinions are respected and discussed. This is why I like where I work and the people I work with so much.


Are you still with me? If you’ve read this far, I’d like to thank you for choosing to share a day in my life and why I’m so happy at Holmen.