Who am I?

I started working at Holmen in 2012 and I’ve worked with everything from buying timber to operational development. I live with my family in Vindeln about 55 kilometres north-west of Umeå and this is where I work too. At least this is where my office is. As an operational planner, I spend a lot of time out in the field, working across a large geographical area.


My workplace

I work for Forest and Land Västerbotten. The department is responsible for the forests and land holdings in the county of Västerbotten. My colleagues in the department are based in offices across the county. I share the office in Vindeln with four colleagues, two of whom are in my department. The other two work for purchasing. We get on well in the department and in the office as a whole. This is what it can look like when I arrive at the office.


One working day

Today I am planning some thinning work. By planning, I mean examining the area to check what needs to be done and marking out any obstacles for the forest machinery. After a cup of coffee in the office, I head out into the forest. I start by going into the area and the first thing I find is this beautiful willow (see photo). Willows are nature conservation trees which we save in all harvesting. I continue through the forest and can see that there is a need for action (thinning) over a wider area than I first thought. This is positive. The forest has grown more than we expected! I re-draw the outer boundary and mark it with flagging tape. I manage to get everything I intended to do completed before it gets dark. Tomorrow I’ll finish putting it all into the computer.


Why Holmen?

I’ve been working at Holmen for ten years and I’ve always been given opportunities to develop. The fact that I’ve had several different roles over my career shows that. I think Holmen is an employer that really believes in their employees and that makes it easy for me to feel courage, commitment and responsibility!

My main workplace is the forest and because I enjoy being outdoors, I enjoy my job too.


Thank you!

My week writing the blog is now over and it’s time to say thank you and goodbye. It’s hard to cover everything you do in just a few paragraphs, but I hope you’ve got some idea. It isn’t just my week as a blogger that is coming to an end. The fieldwork season is ending too. It’s office work from now on.