About me

When I'm not working, you will find me out in the nature and I thrive at best at minus five on a snow-covered mountain. If you are curious about my working days and how everything works on an adjusting plant, feel free to follow me on the blog. 


Blog post May 7

You might wonder what an adjustment plant is. Well, that's the department after a log is split into boards and planks and then dried.

When the drying rate of the timber is correct, the timber arrive at the adjustment plant. Here we load various programs that are sent to a scene calculates the optimal cavity and length for the particular board. Then the wood goes through a trimmer where it is cut to the correct length. After that, all board with the same cavity and length are put into a compartment which then becomes one and the same finished package. Last but not least, we pack and label the packages to send on to the unload.



Blog post May 8

A day at work. We are six people in my shift team and we rotate at different stations, each station is a part of the production.

One might think that all days in a producing industry will look the same, but that is not the case. Every day we get new problems and find new problem solutions, which means that you never become fully educated.

In my opinion, this is exactly what makes my job so much fun. Being able to discuss in groups to find solutions that make production more efficient and the flow better.



Blog post May 12

My career at Holmen Wood Products started as most jobs do, with a summer job.

Something that surprised me when I started working here was how much I actually liked it here, I hadn't worked on anything similar before.

Holmen and Iggesund sawmills are more than industry, it is a teamwork where you get the opportunity to develop. Security and the future are two things that I feel in my workplace.

We have a open feeling that is permeated by Holmes values ​​responsibility, courage and commitment.


Blog post Maj 15

Thanks for me. I hope you have gained some insight into what it is like to work at an adjusting plant and for Holmen.

I also want to take the opportunity to pay tribute to my colleagues at Iggesund Sawmill, you are doing a great job.