Blog post June 3

I usually say that the Energy and Environment section is the heart of Braviken. Simply because the task of the heart is to supply the body with oxygenated blood. Our task is to supply the mill with steam, hot water and compressed air. We also manufacture many different water qualities, including drinking water, and take care of all the wastewater in our water treatment. This means that we have some special conditions and challenges. We cannot stop operations in the same way as other parts of the mill for service and maintenance. In many cases, it means that if we stop, the mill stops.


The Energy and environment section is the smallest production section when i comes to the number of employees, but we have undoubtedly the largest geographical area of ​​work. The work also requires a very wide breadth of knowledge. I am really impressed with the knowledge and experience of the operating staff, process engineers and technicians. With the help of my knowledgeable employees, I learn something new about the business every day.


Blog post June 5

The day always starts with a morning meeting in the control room. Safety and protection are first on the agenda. Then we talk about how the operation has gone and our plans for the day. It is an excellent opportunity to create consensus,  inform and address deviations. Today we discussed how a maintenance stop went on one of our three boilers and what we can do better next time. We concluded that we need to have a brief reconciliation meeting with the maintenance department during the day to straighten out some question marks.

After the meeting, I went on a safety round with our head safety representative in fuel handling. It is through this that we get the fuel into our boiler. The fuel goes a long way from tipping it into a chip pocket, via a large sieve called the locomotive and then via a number of screws, silos and conveyor belts before finally burning it. We found a number of improvements that we discussed with the chip driver who was there and worked.

After lunch, I and colleagues from several other departments had a brief reconciliation regarding respiratory protection being a scarcity at the moment. We discussed how we would manage with the respiratory protection we have and when they should be used to make the work as safe as possible. Some of the participants participated through Teams.

Like many others, we have had to adapt to the fact that we cannot always meet physically. I think there are both advantages and disadvantages to Teams meetings. The advantage is, of course, that even people who otherwise would not have been able to participate can actually do so. It also reduces the time to move. The biggest disadvantage, I think, is that there will be no spontaneous "meetings" that often occur before, during and after the main meeting itself.

At the last meeting of the day, I and the rest of the section management gathered and went through the deviations and improvement proposals that we had received during the past week.


Blog post June 9

I am fairly new to Holmen and already during the recruitment I got the impression that Holmen attaches great importance to the people. That is, we who work here should feel comfortable, feel respected and have the opportunity to influence our situation and the company.

After 13 years at other companies in various positions, I started as head of detail planning here at Braviken in August last year. But already after two months a vacant position arose as Head of Section for Energy and Environment. After a conversation with my boss, we came to the conclusion that I had the opportunity to "try" for a number of months. I saw it as a big and fun challenge so I accepted.

After some time in the position, both me and my manager considered the trial period to be over and I then entered the position until further notice. It's really nothing I regret. The job is full of challenges and together we make small improvements every day.

I think this shows that there is great mobility within Braviken and that the company has the courage to give its employees opportunites to try new things.

The most fun part of my work is the relation between technology and people. How we solve problems and how we solve our mission despite obstacles that require a lot of inventiveness and dedication. I can honestly say that so far I have not had a single boring day at Holmen.


Blog post June 12

This will be my last post for Holmen's employee blog. I hope I have been able to give a picture of mine and the section's work. I want to conclude by wishing everyone a pleasant summer despite all the urges and restrictions in these times. Try something new and see the possibilities based on the conditions that exist!