All raw material is used

Being part of the Holmen Group means we are in control of the whole chain from seedling to plank. Our raw material comes from sustainably managed forest and is turned into wood products in our eco-certified sawmills.

A climate-smart raw material

Wood is a versatile material and the only construction material that is renewable. Since wood products have the capacity to store carbon dioxide for a long time, wooden buildings are significantly more climate-smart than those built using fossil-based materials and processes. Manufacturing steel and concrete creates considerable emissions of fossil carbon that affect the climate. 

Replacing such materials with renewable structural components in wood achieves climate benefits on many fronts. Emissions of greenhouse gases from manufacturing and using climate-negative materials are avoided, while increased use of products from the forest captures more carbon dioxide. In addition, the whole chain from manufacture to transport is much more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

How we manage the forest

The growth of the forest and its value largely depend on how it is managed. Under Holmen’s active forest management, the volume of standing timber is built up over a period of 70–90 years, with a new growth cycle beginning after harvest. Many of the most important silviculture measures come in the years after harvest, when the soil is prepared and the land is reforested through planting or sowing. We clean and thin the forest in order to select trees with the best potential for further growth.

Around 10–30 years before the forest is ready for harvesting, it may be fertilised to further enhance growth. The annual harvest equates to 80 per cent of the forest’s growth, which means that the amount of wood in our forests increases year on year. For every tree we harvest, we plant at least two new ones. Our forestry is certified to the PEFC™ and FSC® standards and all the wood is fully traceable.

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We use all harvested raw material

We saw as much wood as possible from the trees we harvest, and nothing is wasted.

50 % - The large logs that make up approximately half of the harvest go to our sawmills where they become building materials in the form of construction timber and joinery products.

45 % - The thinner parts of the tree and wood from thinning are ground or boiled down into pulp that then becomes paper or paperboard.

5 % - Branches, tops, bark and wood shavings become renewable bioenergy.

Chain-of-custody and environmental certification

Holmen’s forestry is certified to the to PEFCTM and FSC® (FSC_ID) standards and all the wood is fully traceable.

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