Our goal is for the growth of our forest stands to increase, providing higher future harvests and higher carbon absorption. We plant at least two new trees for every tree harvested, and because our annual harvest equates to 70 per cent of the growth, the amount of wood in our forests increases year on year. The growth of the forest and its value largely depend on how it is managed. We practise active silviculture, encouraging biodiversity, to produce healthy forests, rich in plant and animal species. This ensures that we preserve important natural assets for future generation

Phasing out fossil fuels and increasing the production of our own renewable electricity see us reducing the climate impact of our production. We work actively to cut material, energy and water consumption, minimise emissions and use waste products to produce renewable energy. The geographical locations of our paper mills and sawmills mean we can transport goods by sea and rail, so cutting emissions to air, land and water.

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