Holmen's own forests meet around 60 per cent of the need for wood. The remainder is bought in, mainly from private forest owners. Holmen imports only a small volume of wood into Sweden. All wood can be traced back to its origin.

Wood procurement in Sweden

Most of Holmen's forests are located in northern Sweden, while its mills are in the southern and central parts of the country. The mills consequently largely source their wood through purchases from private forest owners in those parts of the country. In the past, almost all the wood from Holmen's forests in northern Sweden was sold to local buyers. Holmen is also increasingly using this wood for its sites in central Sweden through logistic and exchange arrangements. 

In 2015, Holmen's Swedish facilities consumed 4.8 million cubic metres of wood. Harvesting in Holmen's own forests totalled 3.2 million cubic metres (including 0.1 cubic metres of biofuel) The harvesting was equivalent to more than 60 per cent of the Group's wood requirement.

Wood procurement in Estonia

In 2015 Holmen imported approximately 290 000 cubic metres of wood, mainly from Estonia. Holmen's wholly owned subsidiary Holmen Mets buys and transports wood to its own terminals there. Almost all the wood is bought from private forest owners. Most of it is delivered to the Iggesund Mill. Smaller volumes also go to Hallsta Paper Mill, Braviken Paper Mill, Braviken Saw Mill and external buyers. 

Holmen Mets is certified under the FSC® (FSC-ID) standard for Chain of Custody. Holmen considers the systems for traceability now in use in Estonia to meet exacting requirements. The return of land confiscated after the Second World War has now been largely completed. There are consequently fewer forests now whose ownership is unclear, which makes it easier for the authorities to verify the origin of wood. The state-owned forests are certified under FSC®. This is equivalent to around half the total acreage of forest land in the country. The proportion of certified, privately owned forests is small. 

Of the 290 000 cubic meters Holmen imported during 2015, around 80 000 cubic meters came from Norway, the Baltic states, Russia and Belarus. All certified under the FSC® standard for Controlled Wood.

Wood procurement in the UK

The paperboard mill in Workington consumed 310 000 cubic metres of spruce wood and sawmill chips in 2015. One-quarter of the wood comes from state-owned forests, mainly in south-west Scotland and northern England. The rest is sourced from private forest owners.

FSC® Controlled Wood

The proportion of certified wood at the various sites varies with availability in the area. Holmen Skog's chain-of-custody certification (FSC® Chain of Custody and FSC® Controlled Wood) provides assurance that non-certified wood:

  1. has not been harvested illegally or in contravention of the rights of indigenous peoples
  2. does not come from forests with high conservation value
  3. has not been genetically modified and
  4. does not come from natural forests that have been converted into plantations.


Certified sustainably managed forests in Sweden

million hectares
Of all forests, %
PEFCTM 11.3 49
FSC® 12.0 51




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