The majority of Holmen’s harvested forest is delivered to our own sawmills, where it is sawn into joinery timber for window frames, stairs and furniture, for example, and into construction timber for uses such as roof trusses and decking.

Products from sustainably managed forests 

The fact that the wood comes from Holmen’s sustainably managed forests is important for many of our customers. One of them is Danish window manufacturer Idealcombi, which has purchased wood products from Holmen since the company was founded in the early 1970s.

The company’s purchasing manager, Jörgen Bonderup, explains why they have remained loyal to Holmen for almost 50 years:

- Part of our mission is to manufacture our products with respect for nature. To this end, we exclusively use FSC® certified wood from sustainably managed forests and we only work with suppliers that meet our environmental criteria. Holmen certainly fits that bill.

100 per cent traceable wood products

Idealcombi’s high-tech plant is located in north-west Jutland, almost 1 000 km from Iggesund Sawmill, where the wood for the advanced window frames is produced. The raw material from Iggesund Sawmill is 100 per cent traceable and of the highest quality, thanks to the sawmill’s use of cutting-edge technology along the whole production chain.

- Quality and reliable delivery are incredibly important to us, but so is the traceability of the raw material, stresses Jörgen. With Holmen’s certifications and quality marked wood products, we know exactly where the wood comes from.

How does Holmen work to promote biodiversity?

Holmen works hard to ensure all the species that live in the forest can continue to thrive. We have therefore focused over many years on active and long-term nature conservation that promotes biodiversity. This involves supporting a wide range of forest habitats and structures.

In managing the forest, for example, we set aside valuable buffer zones around rivers, lakes and agricultural land that filter water and provide shade. Unique, old and dead trees are saved. Our active measures include creating high stumps from living trees as a supplement to the trees that died naturally, or burning forest to create habitats for certain species. Part of Holmen’s forest land is entirely exempt from harvesting and is only used for nature conservation purposes.