Iggesund Paperboard is now launching a new Invercote that has received a thorough facelift thanks to extensive investments implemented in the autumn of 2007. The new Invercote offers improved printing properties, higher purity and a whole range of improved mechanical properties. One visible new feature is increased whiteness plus a new shade of white, and the company promises the best whiteness stability on the paperboard market.

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The new launch comes after the company rebuilt its board machine number 2, KM2, in Iggesund, Sweden at a total cost of 74 million Euro in the autumn of 2007. In addition to the machine rebuild, many other quality improvement measures have been implemented at the mill.


“We’ve worked intensively on these developments and we’re very pleased with the result,” says Philippe Letzelter, development manager at Iggesunds Bruk. ”When you do a major rebuild and product relaunch, much of the work involves bringing to fruition  a development programme that has been in progress for many years.”


Iggesund employees worked intensively during the spring to implement all the required development work, trial runs and finally test printings and tests of various finishing techniques. More than 70 test printings were done prior to the end of May, with about ten specific properties being tested each time.


“I estimate the work done by Iggesund’s development department alone to total more than forty man-years,” Letzelter says.


Iggesund’s development programme differs from that of its competitors in that the company works a lot on the spot at its customers’ facilities.


“They’re the ones we’re actually doing the development for, and it’s in their machines that the process has to work without a hitch,” explains Jonas Adler, an application specialist at Iggesund who has been heavily involved in the development efforts. “When we have the most demanding customers with the most highly advanced equipment, of course we should make use of their knowledge and experience. We’re right on the spot when the job is actually being done, and we benefit from direct, in-depth feedback from the people doing the printing, gluing or foil lamination.”


The much improved whiteness stability is the result of Iggesund’s own in-house development work, in the form of a patented additive that delays the aging symptoms of the paperboard.


“Invercote was good before but now we’re the best in this respect,” Philippe Letzelter says. “For the customer this means that his packaging or printed materials have a longer lifespan. For example, an expensive carton will still be attractive even after sitting on the retail shelf for a while.”


Invercote G, Invercote Creato and Invercote Duo are the members of the Invercote product family that will have the new properties immediately after the launch. In addition to improving many different properties, the aim has also been to further improve quality consistency, which is a basic prerequisite for good production economy for printers and converters. However, there are also areas where Iggesund deliberately chose not to go as far as possible:


“We could make an Invercote with the highest whiteness on the market but we chose not to,” says Johan Granås, technical product manager for Invercote. “The higher the whiteness, the faster it goes down – which means a shorter lifespan for the end product.

“Perfect colour reproduction is also crucial, and whiteness plays a role there too. If you go too far with your whiteness, the paperboard or paper gets a blue shade, which immediately makes it harder to print skin tones well. We don’t want that to happen. The blind trials we’ve done show that the colour shade and whiteness we’ve chosen create a very tasteful impression on people – and our test printings confirm the new Invercote’s wonderful printing properties.”



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