Together with five other large forest owners Holmen is launching an interactive map with all our voluntarily set-aside forests. The map provides a general overview of 2.5 million hectares of protected forests, including our voluntarily set-aside forests and forests with formal forms of protections by the State.


The Swedish forest owners are conducting sustainable forest management. Formal reserves and voluntarily set aside areas in combination with general conservation measures in all management activities are considered to maintain and enforce the biodiversity alongside with a high and sustainable wood production.


Together the voluntarily set aside areas in Sweden constitute 1.35 million hectares. In total, more than 25 percent of the Swedish forest is excluded from forest management by different kinds of protection, voluntary and formal.


The interactive map provides a general overview of the voluntarily set-aside forests of Holmen Skog, Bergvik Skog, SCA Skog, the National Property Board, Sveaskog and the Church of Sweden’s forests, together with the formal forms of protections by the State.


 In addition to the projected voluntarily set-aside forests, there are large areas of set-asides on private forest owners’ lands. Unfortunately, for different reasons (one is that there are more than 200 000 forest owners in Sweden) these cannot be projected here. Also meaning that large areas on the map, where there are no large forest owners, seemingly lack voluntarily set aside areas.


Visit the map with protected Swedish forests at

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