Each tonne of paperboard made by Iggesund Paperboard in 2008 equated to almost 200 kilos of carbon dioxide being captured and stored in the Holmen Group’s forests. That’s one conclusion of the Holmen Group’s sustainability report Holmen and its World 2008, which was published in April.

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“Accounting for our resource usage and environmental impact is becoming increasingly important,” comments Lars Strömberg, Director of Sustainable and Environmental Affairs at the Holmen Group. “In just under a decade our sustainability report has become a powerful tool in both our sales activities and our contacts with the capital market.”


Energy and climate issues are now influencing almost all areas of social development. This situation offers major opportunities to the forest industry, because producing goods and energy from raw materials taken from forests harvested in a sustainable and environmentally sound manner is a strength factor in a world increasingly focused on sustainable development.


“At a time when all eyes are focused on the climate issue, it is a huge asset to be able to make products from natural raw materials and energy that do not use up finite resources or cause environmental problems,” Strömberg continues. “This is a major asset to the Scandinavian forest industry and especially to Holmen, which has extensive forest holdings and its own hydroelectric power.”


Holmen and its World presents the sustainability of Holmen’s operations, environmental impact and human resources policies, and explains how the Group’s actions influence local economies in places where the Group has a business presence.


New this year is a detailed carbon analysis, which investigates how Holmen’s forest holdings and forestry operations affect the climate. The analysis, which is based on research by Skogforsk (the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden) and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, concludes that Holmen’s forest holdings and products annually remove 1.3 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. The forest’s annual capture of CO2 corresponds to almost 200 kilos of CO2 per tonne of paperboard, paper or wood products that are produced by Iggesund Paperboard, Holmen Paper or Holmen Timber.


“The carbon analysis is an important step on our part to respond to the market’s demands for climate impact reporting,” Strömberg emphasises. “Here at Holmen we can justify everything we do from a sustainability perspective – and we are very eager to have transparent accounting that gives the market the best possible basis for assessing our operations.”


Holmen, of which Iggesund Paperboard is a part, is a member of the UN’s Global Compact and thereby takes a clear stand on issues regarding human rights, social conditions, environmental responsibility and the right to unionise.


Holmen is listed on several international corporate indexes which aim to make it easier for investors and other stakeholders to identify companies that are working with sustainability issues in a good way. Two such indexes are the FTSE4GOOD Index Series and the Storebrand Best in Class list.


Previous editions of Holmen and its World have been highly ranked by both international and Swedish analysts. The 2008 report satisfies the standards for reporting level A (the highest level) of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines for sustainability accounting. Holmen and its World is available in English and Swedish and can be downloaded from www.holmen.com.


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