The offset printing used 34 different inks, the gravure process used 11, and 11 different foils were used when design agency Van Heertum simultaneously produced this autumn’s special issues of the journals Formes de Luxe and Tobacco Journal International. The covers were produced from the same printing plate in the first production stage, the gravure printing.


Van Heertum, a Dutch design agency who specialises in packaging for the luxury goods and tobacco industries, is highly experienced at producing technically advanced gravure works. On a wall in their home in Tilburg hang a number of awards in the field. They include five Golden Cylinder Awards from the Gravure Association of America for his intricate covers for Tobacco Journal International.


“This latest job posed several major challenges – not least to the material, which in this case was Invercote Creato from Iggesund,” Frans van Heertum, Art Director and Founder explains. “Having so many finishing steps placed huge demands on the material’s dimensional stability, and that really lived up to its reputation.


“The designs of the two covers are also completely different. TJI’s cover is very colourful, whereas the cover of Formes de Luxe focuses on emphasising the purity of the paperboard’s whiteness. Combining these two on the same printing plate was in itself a challenge.”


On previous occasions when they did this kind of project, Van Heertum worked with sheet-fed gravure. To increase the complexity of this latest project even further, it was decided to work from reels and then at subsequent stages of the process to work from sheets.

“The precision of the equipment and the dimensional stability of the substrate are of crucial importance to the end result,” Frans says. “The combination of the machinery available at the printers, Gundlach Verpackung, and Invercote Creato was one of the key reasons why we succeeded.”


Both covers are a display of advanced printing skills, including interference inks, foiling on top of print av well as printing on top of foil, and even the inclusion of Swarowski crystals. van Heertum says the cover design for Formes de Luxe was inspired by Invercote in the decision to let the whiteness dominate. The cover also includes in symbolic form everything that bring us the good things in life, ranging from the Scandinavian forests to complex forms of packaging.


“Invercote is a fantastic substrate for us and we are happy to praise it,” he says. “Invercote means that we have the greatest possible freedom as designers.”


The cover project was implemented by about ten specialist companies next to Van Heertum, including Gundlach Verpackung, Iggesund Paperboard, the ink manufacturer Siegwerk and the foils manufacturer Kurz.


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