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Christmas is traditionally the time for personal wishes. Ninety percent of Dutch households send on average 40 cards. This is the highest number in Europe concludes the Dutch postal operator PostNL based upon a survey in 18 countries.


Christmas card


 In Europe the average percentage of households sending cards is between 68-76 per cent. As with other print media, there is a clear distinction between Northern and Southern Europe. Households in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland and France send on average between 17 and 30 cards, whereas in the Southern European countries the figure is much lower. In Sweden, the number of cards is similar to the numbers sent in the eighties. In the UK the number of cards send is expected to increase this year with 27 percent.


Consumers can create their own cards online in most European countries, these cards represent 5-10 per cent of the total number of cards in the Netherlands. Online cards are important in certain countries like France where 16 million people will send online wishes, whereas in the UK only 3-5 per cent of all cards are sent online. Somewhat surprisingly elderly Belgians prefer to use email wishes, 53 percent do so, and in Poland consumers prefer text messages, about a billion were sent in 2011.


Source: Print Power

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