For more than 20 years, Holmen has carried out controlled fires in the area, which has created great values ​​with a rich biological diversity. The entire inauguration took place over a full day in this nature conservation burned areas.

"We have prepared several hiking trails. We call the most central one the fire trail, which has been equipped with many information signs where visitors can learn more about the forest. In addition, there is a windbreak, barbecue area, lookout tower and an overnight cabin", says Elin Kollberg, nature conservation officer at Holmen Skog Västerbotten and project manager for this knowledge forest.

Elin Kollberg, nature conservation officer at Holmen Skog 

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Holmen’s Knowledge forests

Today Holmen has four knowledge forests, Kunnådalen, Likstammen, Berga and Länna. Länna will be inaugurated in the spring of 2023.

Holmen’s Knowledge forests are sites that have been chosen specifically as locations for gathering and sharing knowledge about the forest. Each site has been carefully selected on the basis of its biological conditions.

They are also our way of showing what a huge benefit forestry can be for the environment and that biodiversity and growth can go hand in hand. Because responsible forestry is not about living off the forest – it is about living with it.

One forest – one theme

Each Knowledge forest has a clear theme – a particularly interesting or unique habitat with high conservation value that is created, preserved and strengthened as part of our nature conservation work.

A Knowledge forest spans over at least 200 hectares, where a minimum of 50 percent of the productive land consists of areas with high conservation value.

Over time, we will develop five Knowledge forests on a range of themes in locations across Sweden.

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