At the moment I am blogging for Holmen in social media. All posts will be published here.


December 17
I think I have the best job in the world. I really enjoy working with Employer Branding, which is basically about telling and showing what a company has to offer as an employer. Of course, it does not make things worse that I also think that Holmen is a very good employer with sustainability focus at all levels and also great values.

I work at Holmen's headquarters in Stockholm, but even though I sit in the middle of the city, I still have elks just around the corner (at least Christmas time).

December 19

Hello from work! My last couple of days have looked very different from each other.  Yesterday was an intense day when I tried to finish up as much as possible before Christmas and New Year. Today, the focus has been on socializing and having fun together. The day ended with competitions and activities in the office. I ended up in the winning team, but I don't really know how much I contributed to the victory. It was fun anyway! 


December 20

Now it is time for vacation, but I am back at work and blogging January 6. Then you will get a closer insight to my job, I promise.


January 8

Happy New Year! The first working days of the year have included both follow-up activities and planning for 2020. As I previously stated, I work primarily with Employer Branding and recruitment. Today, my focus has been on recruitment, including the follow-up of recruitment ads. For me, follow-up and statistics are important components to be able to work smart and choose the right path forward. What are the trends? Are we using the right recruitment channels? Do we attract the right candidates? Are our ads clear both regarding our open vacancies and what we offer as an employer?


Last year we implemented a new recruitment system to be able to work in a more time efficient manner but also to ensure the quality towards our candidates. This year we will continue to focus on improving and further developing our recruitment process and related tools. We aim to be even better at competence-based recruitment, diversity and inclusion, proactive recruitment and the candidate experience. I really look forward to seeing where our work is taking us.


January 10

Hello from work. The last few days I have been working with Employer Branding (employer brand) questions. Yesterday I had a start-up meeting with my HR colleagues around Holmen with a focus on Road map and activities for 2020. Since we are located throughout the business we mainly have online meetings, it is nice that there is technology that allows you to work tight although the physical distances sometimes can be large. I always feel happy and motivated after our meetings, there is such a great commitment and expertise in the group.



We have a lot of projects and activities going on right now, but the common denominator in everything we do is to show a transparent and honest picture of Holmen as an employer towards our candidates. I think Holmen is a fantastic employer and then it obviously becomes extra nice to work with these issues. And easy. We have many ambassadors in the company who are happy to tell more about their jobs on labor fairs, on the career site or as here in the employee blog. Showing our colleagues feels natural, there is so much knowledge, expertise and commitment throughout the business. It is also us who work here that can best answer questions about Holmen as an employer.

This will be my last post, next week you will meet a new colleague from Holmen who blogs about their work. Of course I will read all the posts and I hope you do too. Thanks for following me and have a nice weekend!