Hey! Now it is my turn to tell about my everyday life at Holmen and in my case the business area Holmen Paper. My name is Love Andersson and I work at Braviken paper mill outside Norrköping. Join me and see what it's like to work as an automation technician in a paper mill.

At the moment I am blogging for Holmen's employee blog in social media. All posts will be published here.


December 5
Today I thought you should come with me for a day at work. Maintenance Massa, where I work, consist of a tight group of electricians, automation technicians, mechanics and pipe welders. We start the day with a cup of coffee and a review of what has happened over the past 24 hours.


Depending on what has happened, the days can look very different. Sometimes the day starts hectic with emergency troubleshooting and problem solving, other days we plan for maintenance stops or discuss improvements in the factory together with other departments.