Together we are circular

Thinking sustainably in every aspect of the business means Holmen is playing its part in the transition to a fossil-free society. Our business is rooted in the forest, making optimum use of its raw material. We put the whole forest to use, so nothing goes to waste. We use the most valuable parts of the forest to make high-quality wood products. The smaller parts of the tree, wood from thinning and chips from the sawmills, are turned into paper and paperboard at our mills. The bark and wood shavings become bioenergy.     

Our production plants are among the most resource-efficient in the world. We use wood waste products to generate electrical and thermal energy in our mills, organic material from the water treatment process is sold on as natural fertiliser, and steam from our mills at Iggesund and Braviken is used in the drying processes at the integrated sawmills.


From seed to first-class products

We are the forest company whose smart thinking helps our customers to do business sustainably. We do this through active forestry in which we let the forest grow and give and where the whole harvest is used and refined to make first-class products. On top of this, we are a forward-looking, reliable and thoughtful business partner.

Our customers, partners, employees and end users of our products are all part of Holmen’s circular business. In our sustainable value chain, every new relationship is an opportunity to expand the positive ripple effect of our actions.


Future-focused products we believe in

At Holmen you can work with future-focused products we believe in – in any of our five business areas.


The forest provides the raw material to produce the renewable and fossil-free products of the future, capable of replacing materials such as concrete and steel in industry and plastic in a range of packaging types.

Wood Products

We are passionate about wood products. Wood products bind carbon dioxide throughout their lifetime, and also create a substitution effect when they replace construction materials with a greater climate footprint.


Holmen develops innovative, first-class products from fresh fibre. Our papers are lightweight and resource-efficient compared with traditional alternatives for books, magazines and printed products.


Holmen manufactures paperboard for absolutely top-class consumer packaging. Our customers include world-leading companies that make tough demands in terms of the durability and the design of their packaging.

Renewable Energy

Electricity consumption is predicted to rise as a result of the electrification of society. Our renewable electricity production will become increasingly critical to our operations in the future. By producing hydro and wind power. Holmen is playing its part in the transition to a fossil-free society.