Why choose pressure treated wood?

Pressure treatment increases the wood’s resistance to wood-destroying organisms. Pressure treated wood will usually remain functional for 20 years or more. Holmen’s range covers everything from decking and handrails to construction timber and exterior cladding. The raw material for these products comes in part from the slow-growing forests of northern Sweden, where long, harsh winters cause the pine to take its time as it grows strong and stable. This makes the material capable of withstanding even the toughest of nature’s challenges.   


Pressure treated glulam

Holmen’s pressure treated handrails beautifully finish off any terrace project. In addition, they are based on pine from northern Sweden that has been toughened up in the most extreme weather conditions the country has to offer. This means that they will withstand the forces of nature long into the future, wherever you build your terrace. 


Pressure treated construction timber

Holmen’s pressure treated construction timber is perfect for those who pay attention to every detail of their outdoor project and choose their structural materials with care. This construction timber is based on pine from northern Sweden that has been left alone to grow strong ready for harvesting. Combine this with the pressure treatment, and the construction timber has exactly the right properties to make a stable structure you can trust. 

Pressure treated construction timber NTR-A

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m)
45 145/170/195/220 3,0 3,6 4,2 4,8 5,4
70 70 3,0 3,6 4,2 4,8 5,4
95 95 3,0 3,6 4,2 4,8 5,4


Pressure treated decking

However great it might be to build a new terrace, most people don’t want to have to replace the decking too often. This is one reason why Holmen sources raw material from the forests of northern Sweden. This slow-grown, quality pine retains its properties year after year.  

Pressure treated construction timber/decking NTR-AB

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m)
19 148 3,0 3,6 4,2 4,8 5,4
22 95/120/145 3,0 3,6 4,2 4,8 5,4
28 45/95/120 3,0 3,6 4,2 4,8 5,4
34 118/145/143 3,0 3,6 4,2 4,8 5,4
36 68/148 3,0 3,6 4,2 4,8 5,4
45 45/70/95/120 3,0 3,6 4,2 4,8 5,4
48 48/68/98/148/198 3,0 3,6 4,2 4,8 5,4


Pressure treated exterior cladding

Using pressure treated exterior cladding from Holmen removes the need for maintenance work such as scraping and painting. In other words, this exterior cladding is both maintenance-free and largely worry-free.  



Performance declaration – Finger-jointed, pressure-treated timber 

Permit to mark wood NTR A, Kroksjön 

Permit to mark wood NTR AB, Kroksjön 

Permit to mark wood NTR B, Bygdsiljum 

Permit to mark wood NTR A and AB, Bygdsiljum 


Handling and maintenance

Only use pressure treated timber that is definitely clean and free from surface residues. If timber to be used in non-visible structures becomes wet during construction, it must be allowed to dry back down to a maximum moisture content of 18% before it is covered over or encased. Do not use pressure treated timber in direct contact with aluminium. 


Working with pressure treated wood

If cutting, making holes and other minor work are unavoidable, the worked surfaces must be treated with an appropriate wood protection product such as wood preservative in authorisation class 3. The class designation under the NTR system is lost if other work is done, e.g. splitting or other lengthways processing such as planing and profiling. 


Maintenance of pressure treated wood

To retain the fresh appearance of NTR timber, it should regularly be coated with wood oil. This treatment also helps the NTR timber to better resist certain changes to its form, such as splitting, in heavily exposed locations such as house façades, jetties and so on. Dirty or discoloured wood should be cleaned with a wood cleaner. 


Disposal of pressure treated wood

Waste from NTR-graded pressure treated wood should be handled in line with your local authority’s instructions. 

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