Shorter build with construction components

The idea is that the machined construction components save both time and effort, as they have exactly the right properties and dimensions on delivery. This means that they can immediately enter the production stream of industrial modular construction, for example. They may also be of interest to builders who want finished components for a site-built project. 

The range also includes M-beams and roof beams – construction components with properties that make them particularly suitable for particular applications.  

Customised construction components

Holmen offers precision-cut and machined construction components that are ordered from the builders’ merchant and delivered directly to the building site. The construction components are machined by Holmen based on the customer’s specifications, so they are ready for immediate use on the site-built project. 

Customised processing We do everything from precision cutting to machining, e.g. cutouts, mitring, milling, drilling and splitting. 

Quality assurance The machining takes place in a dry and quality assured environment, with extreme precision in terms of dimensions and tolerances. 

Time savings The fact that construction components are supplied prefabricated, labelled and packaged in the right order, makes work on site much easier. 

Just in time The construction components are delivered at exactly the right time for the production flow on site, ensuring smoother progress for a project. 

Extremely simple ordering The supporting documentation for an order can be anything from a hand-drawn sketch to a drawing from a CAD program. The important thing is that the dimensions, lengths and quantities are included, along with a description of the machining required. 


Technical details construction components 

  • Machining Cutouts, drilling, milling, mitring, splitting, etc. 
  • Dimensions (mm) 34×70 – 160×450 
  • Precision (mm) 0 – minus 2 (depending on length/type of machining) 
  • Package labelling Clear and as requested 



The M-beam is a popular product in Holmen’s standard range that is available via our resellers. Suitable for non-visible use, the M-beam creates new construction opportunities, not least as an excellent option for floor systems. 

Can be used with standard fixtures and fittings for smooth installation. 

Easier to insulate due to common standard of 45 mm. 

With its standardised width of 45 mm, it can easily be combined with regular construction timber. 

Stronger in glulam than in regular construction timber and other alternatives. 

Rounded edges are gentler on the hands and make the material easier to handle. 


Roof beam

Holmen’s roof beam is a 45 mm wide glulam beam specifically developed for the industrial production of roof trusses. The specific width of 45 mm makes the beam ideal for roof trusses that combine them with regular construction timber and nail plates. 

Standardised product The roof beam is a standardised product that can be ordered on a rolling basis by industrial customers. The beam is not a standard Swedish width, but can be entered into whatever roof truss program is being used. 

Prefabricated The beams can be delivered ready to go, with completed cuts and cutouts, based on DXF/DWG files and specs from the customer’s roof truss program. 

Focus on function and overall economics When a project calls for a supplement to regular construction timber, Martinsons’ roof beam is better value than other materials. The beam also shows equivalent results for deflection and sagging compared with the alternatives. 

Shorter production time Fewer constituent parts are needed, as the roof beam is able to replace multiple timbers and nail plates. It also reduces setup costs and pressure points. 

FSC®/PEFC The roof beam can be supplied with FSC® and PEFC certification (FSC-ID). 

Rounded edges are easier to grip, making handling easier and safer. 

Non-visible grade that can also be used for exposed eaves. 


Technical details roof beam

Stock dimensions 45×270, 45×315, 45×360, 45×405 mm. We also make other dimensions. 
Strength class GL28cs 
Customised lengths We precision-cut lengths to your specifications. 
Material Spruce 
Surface non-visible grade. Beam intended not to be visible, featuring tear-outs, knots, etc.