“Our extensive experience and our unique range neatly match the current trend. We can provide a complete package – from project planning, through production to assembly – with quality assurance in every link of the chain,” relates Viktor Ingelsson, project manager at Martinsons Byggsystem, which is part of Holmen Wood Products.

Construction is currently under way on five wooden schools where Martinsons Byggsystem is delivering and assembling the frames, which consist of CLT and glulam from the Holmen sawmill in Bygdsiljum. And these are major projects; for example, fully 3 025 cubic metres of CLT and 824 cubic metres of glulam from Bygdsiljum are being produced, delivered and assembled for the new Kvarngärdesskolan facility in Uppsala.

“We’ve been involved from an early stage, allowing us to optimise the frames and the assembly work,” adds Viktor.

The five wooden schools are:

  • Emausskolan in Västerås. A 3 500 square metre school building and a sports hall covering 1 700 square metres.
  • Kvarngärdesskolan in Uppsala. Two school buildings comprising a total of 11 700 square metres and a sports hall covering 2 700 square metres.
  • Mörmoskolan in Hammarö. A two-storey school building comprising 5 500 square metres. The assembly work is ongoing and scheduled for completion at the end of March.
  • Trälleborgsskolan in Värnamo. A two-storey school building comprising 3 000 square metres.
  • Västhorjaskolan in Värnamo. A 5 000 square metre school building and a sports hall covering 2 000 square metres.


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