“Martinsons and Holmen have many things in common and the fact that we are ready to gather around a shared brand shows how well the merger of our two operations has gone,” says Johan Padel, Holmen’s Senior Vice President Wood Products.

Olov Martinson, one of the former owners of Martinsons and now mill manager at the plant in Bygdsiljum, also feels the time is right. 

“Of course, I have many emotional ties to Martinsons, not least to do with identity and pride. And the same is true for many of our employees, but it now feels natural for us to fully become part of Holmen. We’ve established that there are many similarities between the organisations and only a few adaptations are needed. Now we’re taking the next step in the company’s history by continuing to build pride, just under a new and common flag!”

Martinsons Building Systems – part of Holmen
With Martinsons Building Systems´ offering, the processing of wood from Holmen´s forests now extend all the way to advanced wooden house construction. Martinsons Building Systems will as part of Holmen continue to use Martinson's brand, as it is strongly established in the Swedish construction market.

“That we can complement our good reputation in the market by drawing strength from Holmen's brand is very positive for us. There are strong values, not least linked to sustainable forestry and a circular business, says Jesper Åkerlund, CEO of Martinsons Building Systems. “Holmen also represents quality and reliability in the global wood products market, so being part of Holmen is good news for us from that perspective, too. Together we will now work to expand wood construction and achieve even greater climate benefits.”

As early as October 1, Martinson's forest workers became part of Holmen Forest and from January 1, 2021, all products produced at the Group's five facilities in Bygdsiljum, Kroksjön, Iggesund, Braviken and Linghem have been sold under the Holmen name and dispatched in Holmen branded packaging.