All such beams are currently cut at Bygdsiljum Sawmill up in Västerbotten, so this move will reduce delivery times to customers in southern Sweden while bringing down transport costs and the climate footprint of the products.

“This will be the most modern cutting unit in the market,” says Lars Källströmer, product manager for construction products at Holmen Wood Products. “And we will also be able to shorten the lead times in the north as we take pressure off the sawmill in Bygdsiljum.”

The installation of the new cutting equipment is already underway, with the first beams due to be cut early in the new year.

A major advantage compared with before is the greater fill rate for the trucks on the long stretch of the route to southern Sweden.

“The new goods handling system will bring significant climate benefits, in clear support of Holmen’s climate targets,” says Victor Holmquist, technology manager at Holmen Wood Products. “We expect a significant reduction in our carbon footprint, as a result.”

The ambition is to have the new cutting unit at full capacity for next season – supplying stock beams cut and delivered to your exact requirements.

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