Krusenhof Gård, a historic property next to Braviken Sawmill, is now owned by Holmen. The idea is that the imposing stately home will be used as office space and for meetings.

The property includes eight hectares of land and the main building, as well as a smaller house, Villa Solbacken, and some additional buildings in the grounds. Renovation work is set to start on the main building and is expected to be complete in 2023. The house has been well maintained so it is not a case of total restoration. The major work will involve replacing the heating system, rewiring and new plumbing.

“Owning more land adjoining the sawmill opens up exciting development opportunities for us,” says Marit Bohlin, sustainability manager at Holmen Wood Products, who is responsible for developing the newly purchased property. “We are planning to use the three storeys of the house itself for meeting premises and office space.”