Throughout 2022, Holmen will be running a major campaign to boost its employer brand in Västerbotten and encourage more people to take up jobs at the sawmills in Kroksjön and Bygdsiljum.

Numerous large employers have established operations in northern Sweden in recent years, which has led to tough competition for workers, not least in Skellefteå and the surrounding area, where Holmen has its two sawmills. Holmen is now investing in a major employer branding campaign to highlight the company’s role as a provider of jobs in the local sawmill industry. The aim of the campaign is to raise public awareness of the facilities in Kroksjön and Bygdsiljum – and their place in this industry of the future – so that more people are interested in working there.

The campaign began at the end of January and is appearing on a range of different platforms – both physical and digital – around Västerbotten, with an emphasis on the areas nearest to Holmen’s two sawmills.

The theme of the campaign, “Många undrar” (Many wonder), taps into curiosity about the sawmill industry and the changes that the sector has undergone. To answer some of the questions commonly asked, Holmen has picked out a number of attention-grabbing messages and also brought in employees from Kroksjön and Bygdsiljum to appear in campaign videos and talk about their jobs.

The campaign site “Många undrar” can be found here. (only in Swedish)