Holmen Wood Products now has its first dedicated head of sustainability. At the beginning of the year Marit Bohlin, 36, left her job as IT system and sustainability coordinator to take on this new strategic role for the future.

“I am pleased and excited to take on responsibility for issues that touch me as a person and that are so important for both Holmen and the wider world. I have both feet firmly on and in the ground, having grown up on a farm, so forests and forestry feel natural to me,” says Marit.

Obvious to be at the leading edge

As a supplier of premium products, it is obvious that Wood Products should lead the way on sustainability, and against the background of the current forestry debate it is even more crucial to have processes and working practices in place regarding, for example, standards and product descriptions, not to mention also having as low a climate footprint as possible across the whole business.

The role involves responsibility for sustainability, the environment and management systems, so when Marit recently returned after her parental leave, she had to hit the ground running.

“My focus in this early stage is on getting to know, and work with, our team on environmental and sustainability issues. One of our biggest challenges may be getting the whole business area on the same page, since we are spread across quite a wide geographical area,” says Marit. However, she feels that Holmen is in a strong position competitively, not least because the business is based on a renewable raw material.

Former elite skier

Originally from Älvdalen in north Dalarna, Marit ended up in Norrköping when she gained a job after qualifying as a certified forester in 2011. She has a past as an elite skier, but these days she mostly only cross-country skis for fun. She grew up on the family farm, called Hedgården, and is still actively involved remotely.

“We’ve always been involved in farming and forestry, which is partly why I became a certified forester. It opens up so many different career options.”

Strong involvement in the farm

In her spare time, she is involved in running and managing the farm from a distance. She also does more hands-on work and has a passion for building conservation. The farm has 23 buildings to look after. In addition, she is an elected member of LRF Ungdomen, the youth branch of the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF).

“This is where I get to work on forest-related issues from an owner’s perspective and, above all, I get to work with young people. I learn so much that then also feeds into my work at Holmen.”



NAME: Marit Bohlin
AGE: 36
FAMILY: Partner Gustav and 1-year-old Oscar. Parents and sisters back home in Älvdalen. Also border terriers Hektor and Morris.
PROFESSIONAL ROLE: New Head of Sustainability at Holmen Wood Products.
BACKGROUND: Certified forester, has worked for Holmen since 2014. Before becoming IT system and sustainability coordinator, she worked as a quality engineer at Braviken Sawmill.
MY TOP THREE SUSTAINABILITY TIPS: Buy Swedish produce, eat what is in season and consume in moderation.
SPARE TIME: The farm, exercise, a little hunting and my commitments within the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF).
FAVOURITE PLACE: Hedgården in Älvdalen.