Holmen's nomination committee proposes to the AGM the re-election of the current Board members: Fredrik Lundberg (who is also proposed for re-election as chairman of the Board), Carl Bennet, Lars Josefsson, Lars G Josefsson, Alice Kempe, Louise Lindh, Ulf Lundahl, Henrik Sjölund and Henriette Zeuchner.

The nomination committee's other proposals will be presented in the notice convening Holmen's AGM 2020, held in Stockholm on 30 March.

Prior to the 2020 AGM, Holmen's nomination committee is made up of Mats Guldbrand,

L E Lundbergföretagen, Carl Kempe, Kempe Foundations, Hans Hedström, Carnegie Funds and Fredrik Lundberg, Chairman of the Board. The chairman of the nomination committee is Mats Guldbrand.

For more information, please contact:
Mats Guldbrand, chairman of the nomination committee, tel. +46 (0)768 321 515